Hale-Bopp: Norwegian Images
By Jarle Aasland

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Hale-Bopp - the screensaver. Version 1.1

This screensaver has been reviewed by ZDNet's AnchorDesk.
Read their story: "Try on a Stunning New Screen Saver".

Screenshot Get rid of those psychedelic patterns all over your computer screen. Make your computing experience even better with this Windows 95/NT Hale-Bopp screensaver, including some of the best work from the Hale-Bopp: Norwegian Images website.

Version 1.1 fixes several bugs from the previous release. Images now appear correctly with 256 color screen resolution, and a nasty bug that caused the screensaver to run in multiple instances is fixed.

You may download a demo version right now, giving you a sneak preview of the full package. This demo includes six images. Features include:

The registered version is available for only $10, and includes these additional features:

Ordering instructions included in demo version.

Download your Hale-Bopp screensaver demo version:

hbdemo11.zip (878 kb zip-file including setup and readme text)

US link: ZDNet Software library

Install the screensaver by running hbdemo11.exe from any directory and follow instructions.

System requirements:
PC running Windows 95 or NT
486 CPU or faster
256 color screen resolution
Good taste (optional)

Screensaver ©1997 Bjarte Hetland and Jarle Aasland